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WTSell: SLR - Nikon Nikon F90x Film Camera with 50mm f/1.4D Nikkor

Buy/Sell: Nikon Equipment -
Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: SLR

Equipment Brand: Nikon

Equipment Model: Nikon F90x Film Camera with 50mm f/1.4D Nikkor

Price (S$): 360


Images on carousell listing here; 712409

Selling a Nikon F90x with a 50mm f/1.4D, not a rush sale so I won't sell individual items for now!

F90x aka N90s body

Cosmetically 7/10, functionally 10/10

The rubber coated back is worn from use (which is normal for this model), but is not sticky. There's a crack on the top front plate where a pop-up flash normally is, but has no effect on performance. Minor dust in the viewfinder, but does not show up on the film. Light seals are dusty from all the use, but zero leaks. Seals are replaceable if you so wish though! Otherwise, the film chamber is clean, all printing is fully intact, and all buttons and dials press and click as fine. Flash hotshoe works perfectly fine, and the metal eyepiece shutter is still snappy. All modes work as intended, shutter speeds still accurate, and meter still spot on. AF-S and AF-D works just fine, and manual focus indicators are clear. Even the viewfinder illuminating light shines bright so you can shoot in the dark! Comes with a body cap!

50mm f/1.4D lens

Cosmetically 9.5/10, functionally 10/10

Just some dust specks in the lens, but otherwise near pristine condition. Aperture ring is snappy, glass is haze-free, no fungus, and has a clean focusing helicoid with no grit. Filter threads are undamaged, lens mount is clean, and focusing window is clear and visible. A beautiful condition D lens, and 50mm is an excellent general purpose and walkaround lens for a full frame body. Comes with front and rear caps, and original box complete with paperwork!

Asking for $360, not a rush sale for the items Shot many, many rolls with the F90x, but since upgrading to an F5 I've hardly used it already. I want to find this underutilised film SLR a good owner. The 50/1.4 is an excellent pairing, especially for subject separation or low light work.

Preferred meetup in the West side!

Please Whatsapp if you'd like more information, more photos of the products, or any questions! Thanks for viewing

Real Name: Andre

Contact Number: 81381103

Email Address:

Condition of Item: 7

Warranty Status: Personal Warranty 1 week


All caps, and box and papers for the 50/1.4

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