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WTSell: MediumFormat - CAMBO Actus Mini View camera for Sony A7 cameras

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Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: MediumFormat

Equipment Brand: CAMBO

Equipment Model: Actus Mini View camera for Sony A7 cameras

Price (S$): see inside


Ever wanted to use a View camera, but didn't want the hassle of the large size camera? This is your chance to own one in Singapore! A very compact CAMBO Actus Mini View camera for the Sony A7 cameras, and Canon EOS EF lenses, only for serious buyers please:

for your Sony A7 camera body and Canon EF lenses (in manual mode) giving you lens-tilt and camera-shift (15mm camerabody rise both directions, and 20mm left/right shift)'s possible to do stitching with this setup too

You can use Canon EF lenses like the EF 16-35/4 or the new EF11-24mm lens which actually has a very large image circle, enough to give ample shifts with this, giving you tilt/shift zoomlens!

Camera has very little signs of use, everything works perfectly, butter smooth movements, typical Cambo quality


1. Cambo Actus Mini View B6 body sgd 2300

2. Cambo Canon EF lensadapter manual operation sgd 400

3. Bubble level AC-356 sgd 100

4. Cambo Wide Angle bellows AC-212 sgd 400

5. Mamiya 645 lens adapter ACB-M645 sgd 600 (UNUSED)

Comes with the original box, and instruction manual in english

TOTAL if all bought together sgd 3600 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5) ) (fixed)

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 for sgd 3100 (fixed)

Links for further information:


ALPA HPF ring ALP 90 in meters for ALPA HR-Alpagon 90/5.6 UNUSED (to be used on Rodenstock lens 90/5.6), lens not included......

Price: sgd 400 (paid 215 pound ex-shipping)


Self collect/viewing at Clementi Avenue 3 or Clementi Mall

Whatsapp/SMS me at 9625 321four

or whats app me at 8471 247zero (no calls)

or PM me here at Clubsnap


PICS of the actual item for sale:

Real Name: hongsien

Condition of Item: 10

Warranty Status: --

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