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Want to buy: Classic Porsche

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Year: 2019

Make: Porsche

Model: 0

Mileage (numbers only please): 45000

Color: Many

Price (no $ sign please): $55000

Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing

Location (Region): West

Body Style: Coupe

Transmission Type: Manual - 6 speed

2 or 4 Wheel Drive?: 2 Wheel Drive

Engine Type: Fuel Injection

Stereo System: AM Radio

I have decided to buy another older style classic vehicle to add to my "collection" of BMWs. I almost bought a 996 C4, however circumstances intervened and the sale did not come off. I have been refining what I am looking for and it isn't cut and dried.

I could go any of several ways on this, either to an exceptionally well maintained air cooled Porsche in great condition, or to a more modern 996 or 997, turbo or not. Less than 300hp is a non-starter, I'd prefer more, say at least 325-350. Car will not be tracked and I don't want one that has been extensively tracked.

Interior must be pristine, sun and weather damaged interiors or exteriors are a no-go. Any significant damage from an accident disqualifies the car (to me), as does any sort of branded title.

6MT or 5MT are a must, prefer 6, PDK and automatics need not apply :-)

Hydraulic steering is a must, do not want electric.

There are a few colors I don't like, such as green or yellow, would consider red although I consider that to be a cop magnet. Light interior preferred over dark.

Would consider Cayman S as well as 911 models, 2 or 4WD.

Location: Would prefer it to be within 750 miles of Boise, Idaho, which would allow me to fly out and drive it back. Under unusual circumstances I might buy something further afield. Don't want a car that has been exposed to significant road salt in the winter; been there, done that.

What I would pay is dependent on what the car is; I won't go much over $50K, and I won't overpay for whatever it is. Obviously, the cheaper the better, I doubt there will be anything out there I would like that costs much less than $25-$30K. Whatever the car, it will be a cash deal. I will pay more than blue book for a car with low mileage and in terrific condition, but I won't buy anything in mediocre condition regardless of price.

Car must be well maintained, would consider a car that was not well maintained earlier but that has been gone through completely with everything new and brought up to standard by a good garage. Do not want to deal with IMS-related problems, so if the car is subject to this and it hasn't already been dealt with, the car would have to be otherwise PERFECT and at a cheap enough cost to justify this expense on my end.

I know this sounds very vague and somewhat demanding. I'm in no huge rush to buy another car, and I have a pristine older M3 I am looking at which I might buy instead of a Porsche, in which case I would stop looking here.

Please send me a message through the forum, preferably with your email address, and I will contact you with mine.



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