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97 m3 sedan & 96 318ti parts

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m3 sedan & 96 318ti parts

Only have the parts I have listed! Please message me for more info or pictures on any item.


E36 m3 sedan seats, beige, power, 9/10 CONDITION

E36 m3 rear diffuser, off sedan SOLD

E36 m3 muffler & exhaust up to mid section

E36 m3 auto transmission giubo flex disc (95-99 auto m3)

E36 m3 96-99 sway bars with bushings

E36 m3 brake calipers & stainless steel lines (might use, no low offers)

E36 Sedan Rain guards

E36 Sedan Euro Style Tails, great condition

E36 Sedan m3 door sill trim gray, some cracks

S50 air intake box

E36 stock US headlamps, off 96 318ti, good condition

E36 stock US headlamps, excellent condition plastic, one loose lamp lense

E36 auto shifter surrounding carbon fiber, from 92 325 sedan

E36 clear smoked corner lights, early convertible & coupe, dry glue one side SOLD

E36 6 cyl radiator, great shape

E36 m44 4cyl radiator, OEM BHER, with new expansion tank, newer

E36 gas pedal

E36 charcoal canister

E36 "iS" badges, OEM

3.5" MAF, pn 0 280 217 800, housings cracked, both good sensors/pigtails, X2

E36 Manual swap pedal set, bare

E36 Manual swap pedal set, complete, master clutch, springs & buttons

M44 coil pack, chipped X2

M44 vanity cover

318ti cluster, auto, 182k

318ti cup holder center console insert black

318ti ashtray

318ti shift linkage boot

318ti parcel shelf speaker, gray, X2

318ti sway bars, base model

318ti springs, base model

318ti OEM strut mounts, good condition, fit all e36


2 ton engine Crane, harbor frieght

32mm fan clutch wrench, new from sears

BMW lug bolt wrenches

List Date: 5/11/2016

For more info, click here to view the original listing: m3 sedan & 96 318ti parts


On Sale For: $70.00


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