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For sale: Audible Physics...JL...Minidsp c-dsp...Navone...Stinger...Arc

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Manufacturer/Model Number:

1. Audible Physics Ram 6.5"

2. Audible Physics Ram 2"

3. Audible Physics AR20 3/4" metal dome tweeter

4. JL XD800/8

5. Arc 10d2

6. Minidsp c-dsp 6x8

7. Navone 4ch LOC with connectors to plug it directly into an amp or processor for cleaner install

8. 3 12' meter Stinger 6000 rca cables

9. Misc rca cables some that I've had for years but still work just fine. pair of 1.5' Stinger 2000 series cables, pair of 1.5' Stinger 4000 series (being shipped to me but decided to something different), 3 6' cables (two radio shack and one rf punch series), 4 soundquest y-splitters single female to two male, 3 radio shack y-splitters female split to two male, one radio shack splitter male split to two female.

1. $250 SHIPPED CONUS ($359.99 new)

2. $175 SHIPPED CONUS ($289.99 new)

3. due to how I acquired these tweets I'll throw them in free ONLY if you buy the midbass and midrange. I respect the person who worked the trade out with me too much to take any real money for them. I will include the angled swivel cups, surface mount, and flush mount cups.





8. $40 for all 3 SHIPPED CONUS

9. Pick what you want and we'll talk


Condition of Each Item:

1. 8/10 visually, 10/10 function

2. 8/10 visually, 10/10 function

3. 9/10 visually, 10/10 function

This Audible Physics combo is hard to beat for clarity, smoothness, and unrestricted feel to the sound. It hurts to get rid of them but my new vehicle is wanting to be built different from the Ram that got traded in so the AP stuff has to go. The Ram sounded VERY nice.

4. 8/10 visually, 10/10 function. It does have the noise people talk about the XD amps having when it first turns on and every once in a while while playing. Once the music is playing you'll never know it's there. I bought it as a refurb. This amp will run a 3-way plus sub system with plenty of volume. Won't get crazy but it's a really strong and flexible amp for someone who wants to save a lot of space and still get the job done.

5. 9/10 visually, 10/10 function. I love this sub so am asking a premium for it. If it doesn't sell I'll use it in the Grand Cherokee. That's why I didn't bother to take it out of the box to get a pic of the back side. It was brand new when I put it in the box and don't expect it to look any different after gentle use for a little over a year.

6. 8/10 visually, 10/10 function. Don't have the line level plug for it. I do obviously have the

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