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For sale: 2003 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Motorcycle stuff for sale - Colorado Sportbike Club Forums -
Well I believe the time has come for me to sell the beloved Gixxer Thou. I'm posting it here on the sportbike forum first before I send it to craigslist.

It's a 2003 Suzuki GSX-R1000 silver/black. Has 37077 on the odometer. It's in good condition but not excellent. This bike has been around the block a time or two. I'll be honest, it has seen many track days while I've owned it. It has never been down while I've owned it, however it has been down by the previous owner(s). Guy I bought it from back in 2013 said he didn't ride it much and that the previous owner had laid it down. So there has been some damage to the headlight bucket and the old air intake tubes. There is a dent on the the right side top of the tank. The right side fairing looks to have been repaired at some point but not the best job. Bike runs great, pulls very hard and the transmission shifts smooth. No noticeable smoke from the low or top end. Doesn't burn oil but then again with me doing track days, I changed it more than usual.

What it does have that I've added:

- New Fork Seals

- New vortex sprockets and chain(-1 front)

- New M4 exhaust(mid pipe) + exhaust hanger that deleted the passenger pegs(don't have these anymore)

- Power Commander

- New grips and levers

- Frame sliders

- New seat(also have the passenger seat + seat cowl)

- New smoke windscreen + clear windscreen I used for track

- New mirrors(as it came with one crappy one when I bought it)

- Stainless brake lines front and back, with better pads for track use

- Has a set of Pirelli Supercorsa's on it now, still some use left in them

- New air intake tubes

That's the pros, the cons would be:

- It's not beautiful and for a 14 year old bike, don't expect a mint bike, it has some rough spots

- I've done track days(no safety wiring though)

- It always had a bit of an electric issue with the rear tail lights. They work, just when you apply the brakes the signals come on with them brake light. This is how the bike came when I purchased it, and have done no modifications. Simply checked the wires and everything seems legit, just something is crossed somewhere.

- Battery is good but if not on a tender, the cold zaps it. So may be getting old.

The bonuses:

- Bike comes with two in good shape Pirelli Supercorsa rear 180 take off tires. They have tons of life left in them. Sorry no front to go with the set.

- Bike comes with two stands. Swingarm and front stand.

- Also comes with the two other exhausts I have for it. The GP style slash cut exhaust(very loud) and the stock exhaust off and 05 GSX-R1000(used that for riding to work).

Asking $3400 for everything, price is negotiable.

Here is a fairly recent pic of it. I'll have to get some more this weekend if the weather is decent.

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