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For sale: 1976 C182P / Peterson 260 SE/STOL

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TT: 2900hrs

TSFR engine: 1200 hrs

* Peterson 260 SE/STOL refurbish 2004

* canards

* Fuel injected continental I/O-470-F engine

* STC increases maximum gross weight to 3150 pounds

* last interior upgrade 2016, 2 door panels with armrests, 6 side panels, 2 kick panels with pockets, 6 cargo panels,

* SCS aircraft vinyl flooring,

* Wool rugs,

* Avionics upgrade in 2014:

* G500 with synthetic vision and Altitude preselect

* GTN750

* GTN650

* GMA35 remote audio panel

* S-tec 55X autopilot

* GDL88 datalink/ ADB-S transceiver

* All Garmin avionics have latest software versions and most recent data bases

* Skywatch SKY497 traffic advisory system

* garmin connext flightstream 210

* Stormscope WX500

* ACK 406 MHz ELT

* Garmin Angle of attack indicator

* JPI EDM 830 engine monitoring system

* Midcontinent electric gyro with battery backup

* No vacuum system on this airplane

* Midcontinent MD93 digital clock with dual USB charging ports

* Guardian Aero 455 Carbon monoxide/pulse/heart rate monitor

* BAS inertia reel shoulder harness for pilot and co-pilot

* LakeVue Aero rear folding jump seats with airtex upholstery (factory rear seats included as well)

* Reiff Engine oil sump and cylinders heating system

* Pulselight anti-collision device

* NavStrobe anti-collision device

* LED landing light and taxi light

* LED beacon

* maple leaf exhaust fairing

* Rosen sun visors

* Precise flow air vents

* MountainView aviation door stewards

* External antenna for handheld radio

* Sair Center Pedestal with oxygen tank , cup holders and articulating clipboard

* Mountain air 2 place oxygen system

* ZefTronics solid-state voltage regulator

* Plane Power Alternator

* New Concorde RG-35AXC sealed battery

* BlackMax engine dehydrator

* Battery minder

* Power Tug included

Price $230,000

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