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For sale: 1965 S35, Turbonormalized, IO-550 $95,000

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Location: Wheeler Downtown Airport (KMKC), Kansas City, Missouri

Logs: Complete since plane was purchased new, and all pages have been photographed. However file is too big to upload, so message me and perhaps I can attach as an attachment, or figure out how to make the file smaller

N5827K; what a great airplane. I’m very sorry to have to let her go. This gem I found just last year, when I was searching for my first plane, a gift for myself for receiving tenure as an academic. Life is sweet, especially with a turbonormalizer and . . . life stability. Then, WHAM, life hit me with a divorce. That life event is financially requiring me to sell N5827K, as buying it was predicated on being married to a physician that made more money than any person deserves (Ayn Rand folks, don’t email me; it was a joke). Every time I’ve started the engine I’ve thought “wow, I really hit it with this buy,” so it’s sad that I must sell 27K, as I was repeatedly told by check-out CFIs and knowledgeable friends that I found an exceptionally clean and well-taken care of plane at a good price.

The previous owner had the plane for about 20 years in the high desert of Prescott, Arizona, and it was always hangered. And it shows. While the paint is original, it’s in pretty good shape given the age. (I actually contemplated painting it, but my wife vetoed that, and I ended up agreeing with her, thinking the original paint scheme was kind of retro-cool).

If you’re wondering “what’s the catch,” here’s catch #1, and it’s the most significant: it has no in-panel GPS. So the $%^@ what! This plane would be FANTASTIC for someone looking for an extremely well-kept, clean S model (the fastest model of the V-Tail Bonanzas) with the TN, 3-blade prop, and IO-550 already installed, but that is more affordable than most other planes with these features because those other TN Bos tend to have a bunch of panel frills, new paint, etc. Here, you get the solid and high-quality foundation, and you get to decide when to install a GPS, where to put it, which model, decide on your own paint scheme, etc.

Frankly, if you’re like me, you’ll buy it with the plan to install a PFD and 750 but then conclude that because the thing is so fast, and because cloud flying is too risky, that zooming around clouds VFR is just fine.

Speaking of speed, it’s fast. How fast I don’t know for sure. Why? First, I don’t have great equipment for calculating TAS, so I didn’t get around to calculating it the various less-preferred ways there are of doing so. Of course I was always curious, but I never got around to it. Also, as you’ll see from the various threads I’ve started, I never took it to full-throttle even though that’s what one generally does with these TN planes at cruise. Why? Because, for whatever reason, Western Skyways initially told people, including the previous owner, to never excelled 25 in in cruise. So, the previous owner followed that directive. Later, however, WS changed its recommendation to the current full-throttle standard. I know this because I spoke with Eric Barker at WS, who told me that I no longer need to follow the page in the POH that reflects the 25 in limit. The previous owner didn’t know about the change. Even though I did know, for some reason, couldn’t bring myself to go full-throttle! Because the previous owner was so emphatic about this, I never exceeded 25 in in cruise; it felt wrong somehow, and I wanted to “baby” the engine. It became a bit of a an irrational mental block. What this means is that since the plane had the TN installed, it’s been flown very gently.

Due to unexpected life circumstances, I stopped flying 27K in early September 2017. I thought at first that I should keep the plane, as I didn’t want to let her go, but I also knew that given circumstances (financial and personal) I should put her away for a while. So I bought the Tanis engine preservation kit, which comes with anti-rust spray for the cylinders, dehydrating plugs for the spark plug holes, desiccant pacts for other parts of the engine, and pickling oil with which to replace the standard aviation oil. I install this and it sat until yesterday, when I went to start her and she fired right up and purred like a kitten. She ran for 12 minutes, including at higher rpms for a bit, and she sounded great. See the video below for a snippet of this start-up [ok, this will need to come later, as I'm having trouble uploading it].

Before I briefly stored 27K, I flew her once every couple of weeks. The prior owner flew her several times a week, as he used the plane primarily for business.

Here’s catch #2: The plane will be out of annual as of the end of March 2017. I figured I’d get another annual in preparation for sale, but after consulting with some folks here on BT, as well as thinking about it more, I figured it might be a waste of money to get an annual now, as any prospective buyer will probably want to get a pre-buy, and they most likely will not just trust the guy I hire for an annual I pursue on my own. So, my proposal is that we make the pre-buy an annual, and I will chip in an amount over, say, $900, which is probably the going rate for an annual (I paid $1,000). If you decide not to buy the plane, then I’d refund whatever amount you paid toward the annual.

Of course, the annual situation means that test flights prior to pre-buy annual will not be possible, UNLESS you come Kansas City before the end of March, where a couple of kind Kansas City Beechtalkers have volunteered to fly the plane with prospective buyers (I’m no longer current, so I can’t, though I’m happy to ride along to answer questions).

Here’s (finally!) the spec low-down:

- TTAF: 2356 (yep, that’s it!)

- Accident history: yes. In 1997 the previous owner had a gear-up on a California highway. This was NOT because the gear failed to retract, but because the previous engine died at night shortly after take-off, and the prior owner believed he wouldn’t make the the highway if he put gear down. It turns out he did such a pretty job of landing on the belly that the FAA marked it as an “incident” rather than an “accident.” Repairs were flawless, and current engine and prop were installed after the “incident.”

- Useful Load: 1,062 pounds

- Cleveland Brakes

- Towbar included

- Custom reflective sun-shades for all windows included (makes viewing inside impossible when the plane is on the ramp)


- Continental IO-550

- TSMO: 1250 (I’ll update with the exact number later, as I don’t have access to that where I’m typing this, but this is give or take 30 hours)

- Western Skyways Turbonormalizer, installed several hundred hours ago in 2007.

- New cylinders installed no more than 300 hours ago; compressions all in 70s at last annual

- D’Shannon Engine Baffles

- No GAMIs, but the calibrated Continental injectors make LOP flying a breeze.


- Rosen Sunvisors

- Leather/Pleather upholstery in excellent condition, and carpet very clean

- Passenger rudder pedals (no brakes)

- Manual Trim

- Shoulder harnesses

- Third-row kiddie seats in identical upholstery are included, but are shown uninstalled in photos


- Autopilot: Century 2000 in excellent condition (I believe rebuilt not too long ago); ILS fully coupled (works great, but primarily a peace of mind feature). AP will automatically fly precision ILS approaches (i.e., glideslope coupling included), and demonstration showed it to be extremely accurate. AP coupled to heading bug. No altitude preselect BUT you can command AP to trim up/down at varying degrees and it will fly that pitch keeping wings level; great for unusually busy IFR climbouts.

- Engine Monitor: JPI EDM-711 with software and output jack allowing you to download engine data from monitor and view engine performance trends and stats in graphic format via various web applications.

- GARMIN 496 included; comes with antenna for WX.

- GARMIN antenna permanently installed on roof of fuselage

- Radios: (2) NARCO MK12D+TSO (these are cool because they show digitally what radial you’re on when tuned into a VOR.


- Transponder: GARMIN GTX-327


- PCD7100-R CD Player that sounds great

- Dual AND SWING-SINGLE yokes included

- Century HSI

Video and photos - I DID rotate photos correctly on my desktop, but they show up turned around when uploaded; can't figure out the problem:

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