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For sale: 1955 / 2008 Beech F35 Bonanza update 6/14/2015

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Good day, ladies and gentlemen. It is time to get this airplane back in the sky where she belongs. Long story short: I started on this project about 11 years ago with 2 partners. In 2007, they dropped out. Already committed to the project, I had her flying (but not all niceties done) in 2008. Shortly after my checkout and BFR that year, I devoloped an eye problem that really messes with my depth perception, so she basically sat. During that time, I tried to keep the engine oiled and run, but I sadly found some rust in the cylinders winter 2012, so I pulled them off, took a deep breath and looked inside the crankcase - all was well!

So a set of ECI jugs were bolted on, she runs great and is a fine example of a restored and updated Bo! Over the course of the last few years, her interior was completed. No, avionics are not 2014 state of the art, but is IFR. In the last 11 months, a good friend of mine has used her like JH was his; taking her across the US for business & pleasure: Florida, Alaska, and most points in between. Reliable aircraft! She just got a fresh annual (due 8/31/15) & 500-hr mag inspection, IFR cert due 6/2015.

TTAF: 4615

STOH: 141

SMOH: 370

TT prop: 269

Just a few of the updates:

250 hp IO470C W/ ECI Nickel cyls

Hartzell Super Scimitar prop

All DSA glass - thick / gray

DSA baffles

DSA 15-gal tips

ARS instrument panel

ARS battery box

ARS front seat mod

extended baggage / big door / fish pole tube

Eagle fuel drains

BAS harness

MVA Door Steward

Co-pilot brakes

F&M oil filter

3-point strobes




EDM100 much more

Every nut & bolt turned / replaced if structural.

All new seals & rubber - wing root, tail, struts, tires, fuel cells, etc.

All new wiring, circuit breakers

Full specs here:

... /891JH.htm

Everything you would want to do for an older Bonanza, but you can reap the benefit of my loss. I have over $140K into this girl, she needs a good home - asking $89,950!

Although chronicled on my website, this is a personally-owned aircraft, I am not an aircraft sales person or broker.

Restoration and refurbishment process & photos can be found here:

... _cabin.htm

... selage.htm

... e_comp.htm

... nstall.htm

... _wings.htm

... t/1JH7.htm

... terior.htm

... _seats.htm

Thanks for looking!

Michael Thompson

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