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Hoya Variable Neutral Density Filter 58mm

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Item for Sale

Hoya Variable Neutral Density Filter 58mm (fits FA31 among others)

Asking Price

50.00 USD

Item Location

Houston, TX (United States)

Item Description

I am parting ways with my Hoya Variable Neutral Density filter, 58mm thread. There's nothing wrong with it but I need to know precisely how many stops I'm reducing for my flash work (input value to light meter). I used this filter in the past to reduce shutter speed for auto flash on my FA31. The specifications per the product page on B&H:

- Variable 0.45-2.7 Neutral Density Filter

- Reduce Exposure by 1.5-9 Stops

- Optical Glass Construction

- Threadless Front Filter Ring Note that last one. You can't stack this. If you're using a screw-in hood for the FA31 for better APS-C performance, then you cannot attach that to this filter.

The 1.5-9 stops is accurate, from my observations, but I think you can crank it up even higher. In a test I just did, the filterless exposure time was 1/100s, the minimum setting was 1/30s (so 1.5 stops as claimed) and I was able to keep cranking it to get a 20" exposure time. I'm not sure I'd recommend using it that high, but you can certainly get 8+ stops out of this.

Something I can confirm: this DOES fit inside the FA31's hood. Many variable ND filters (like the one from Marumi I had for a different lens) jut out and are wider than the filter thread. This one doesn't do that and is 58mm in diameter thoughought its height. This may be the only variable ND filter you can use with the FA31, so if you're looking for one for this lens, this is a great choice.

Other than that, it does what it says and acts like a typical variable ND filter. Black X if you crank it to MAX setting on wide angle lenses and there's a slight cast at 6-7 stops. I think you will find it quite satisfactory as I had. Condition is nearly perfect. I didn't use this a ton and it's mostly sat in the closet for the past year and a half.

Included Accessories:

Original box

Original protective case (a bit big but this is how it came)

Shipping Policy:

Domestic shipping (USA) is included in the price. For international shipping, I will subsidize the cost of shipping up to what domestic shipping would cost and you will have to cover the rest. I will calculate that number before the purchase is finalized.

International buyers: I will only ship to a Paypal confirmed address. I will not accept payment from you and then ship to a friend of yours in the USA for him to forward on. You are welcome to have a friend pay me with his account and verified Paypal address and then I will ship to him. What he does with it after that is between you and him--the transaction will be between him and me, then--and all risk is assumed to be yours once domestic delivery is received. I am, however, happy to ship it to your non-USA address on your Paypal account. Please check about customs fees and duties beforehand.

For those in the Houston area, local pickup can be arranged.

At minimum setting:

At maximum setting:

Worth noting is that "MIni" on this dial refers to minimum light transmission, or max ND number (400 they say). MAX means maximum light transmission or minimum ND number (3).

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Item Condition (Used Like New Shipping Destinations Worldwide Shipping Charge Included Shipping Services USPS Accepted Payment Types PayPal Return Policy & Additional Details You can have 10 days after receipt to evaluate the filter. If you find it unsatisfactory, I'll accept a full return, minus the cost of shipping to you. Return shipping is on you. Please send me a

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