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E36 racecar 2.8L ITR/STU/GTS spec3?

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racecar 2.8L ITR/STU/GTS spec3?

I am selling my E36 road-race car as its not in the cards for me to have both a hillclimb car and a road racing car. Car started as a 328i and still has a 2.8L engine and was originally built for ITR but there are a few upgraded things that may put it in another class. Since there are still items like door glass, heater core and full wiring harness the car can fit into many different racing organizations. It has a SCCA log book. It was raced last in fall of 2016 so it has a current SCCA annual tech sticker. The only thing preventing it from being 100% race ready is the lack of a seat and harnesses. It seems a race ready entry level ITR car is about 10-12K so I have priced this at $9200.

The interior of the car was painted to match the exterior and I feel it really makes the build much more presentable. There are a few scratches on the interior paint but overall it looks very good and neat. The exterior paint is fair although the hood is oxidized?but hey it?s a racecar! This would be a great starter racecar or a solid platform to pursue a GTS2 or STU build. Call Ken at 484-824-1661. Located in Morgantown, PA.

Shell: 1996 328i

IT legal 6 point cage + driver?s foot protection

NASCAR bars on drivers side. Bars give MAXIMUM elbow room for driver as they extend so far outward they touch the outer door skin. Only driver door is gutted. Driver window is easily installed for transport and storage. Passenger power window still works.

Dash bar goes THROUGH the heater box so it is straight with no bends

Floor plates are thicker, 3/16"

Welded-in bosses for belt anchors on both driver and passenger side. Two sets for different seating position on driver side.

Car weighs 2860 lbs with 180 lb driver and 3/8 tank of fuel

Engine 2.8L, stock M52 engine, M52 manifold and gearbox

BW 3" race exhaust

EPIC Tune: 180 WHP, 200 FT-LBS

ZF trans

SPEC clutch on stock DM flywheel

BW solid engine and trans mounts

SPAL fan

BW dual fuel pump kit


AST 4100

Vorshlag camber plates

Reinforced stock rear lower camber arms

BW Solid subframe bushings

NEW rear ball joints


New rear wheel bearings


Reinforced RTAB pockets

Reinforced rear subframe

Reinforced Rear sway tabs

Turner Spherical rear upper inner bushings

Poly front CAB

Wheel studs

(5) Kosei wheels

3.15 LSD

BW solid diff mounts


M3 front and rear Brakes

HAwk blue pads

Brass caliper slides

SS brake lines

Needs a seat, harnesses and the shifter could use new bushings.

List Date: 7/17/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: racecar 2.8L ITR/STU/GTS spec3?


On Sale For: $9,200.00


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