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DJI Flamewheel parts blowout!

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DJI Flamewheel parts blowout!

Looking to sell this all as a complete lot please...

This could be a great set of parts for a beginner multirotor hobbyist!

I upgraded to a 3DR Solo and am moving on with my hobbies.. So it's not a "getting out of the hobby sale"

in as much as it's just I'm getting out of the DJI Parts Sale.

First is the F450 seen assembled:

Authentic DJI Frame, Motors, ESC's

Set of balanced CF props.

Naza "Lite"- V2 Firmwared with GPS and "M" Naza Power/LED module.

MinimOSD flashed to work with the Naza for OSD

Tarot 2D Gimbal w/USB programmer. Ready for a GoPro3(no GoPro included).

GoPro Video and charging cable included.

Fatshark 8ch 600mW vTx with standard antenna.

Basic Skid Legs with LED's.

No Rx or vRx included.. No Radio either. You will need to source those elsewhere.

Motors are butter smooth. I only flew this build a few times.

It was built with intention to video a fireworks display in 2016.

This one in fact-

Worth Fireworks 2016 (4 min 11 sec)

I am also including...

Two more "clone" frame kits. One F450 and a F550 Hex.

The frames are used. The F450 is a little rough with a crack in the lower plate and a bit of rough points around the bolts for the top plate. But it makes for a decent build and would be good to use for a "beater" learner quad. A extra bottom plate is included.. cracked as well, but still useable.

The F550 has had a few flights a few years ago. I found no cracks in the plates.

There will be enough hardware to build at least two frames up with motors mounted.

I am also including 12 more extra arms. Mixed mfr's, a few "DJI"s included.

5 additional GENUINE DJI red motors. These have all had new upper bearings installed and run very smooth. I will include 16 extra bearings to go with them. There will also be one extra "parts" motor that I couldnt seem to crack open.

4 additional 30A Opto DJI ESC's. Have kinda short power leads, but all have been tested for proper working order.

KK2 FC with RC911 v1.6++ firmware. Great beginner FC.

Extra set of plastic "DJI" props. Extra set of CF props. Extra plastic and CF props as seen in photos. Some are decent, some are a bit rough.. all may need balancing. I'm just throwing in what looks usuable. The best props are the ones with the built drone.

Batteries and Charger-

2650 mAh 3s battery. Used alot! But still can run a basic quad for 5-7 minutes.

Two 4,000mAh 3s "slow fly" batteries.. used only a couple times.. but unfortunately one of them seems to have an iffy cell.

2200 mAh 4s battery. I never really used it.. got it used from RCG. It's sat with a storage charge for over a year just fine.. last time it was cycled was July of 2016.

One Lipo bag to put it in.

(Batteries will be shipped seperately).

Genuine "Sky RC" Charger. Includes a 3s extension cable, charge cable and "T" connector adaptor.

105W Hobbyking power supply for up to 7A charge capacity.

2 Voltage Alarms. One with a digital display(some segments are "dim") and a simple LED Alarm hard set to beep at <3.3v.

Starter Tool Kit-

Includes 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5mm hex drivers, #0 Phillips, small flat blade, 4.0 & 5.5mm nutdrivers. Hex and Nutdrivers custom painted for quick identification

Also thrown in is the original Naza Lite Puck stand and Voltage module (LED module was defective). Just in case you may want them..

Frames will be disassembled for shipping purposes.

If all above were parted out, I would estimate it would come to ~$350 in used condition at today's going sale prices (based upon what has been seen here and on ebay recently).

All above parts together weigh approx. 15 pounds. Priority Mail for that is approx. $40 from Kansas to Seattle, WA or around $35 from here to Miami, FL.

I am selling all the above for $200 shipped.

Ships to CONUSA only.

PayPal for payment. USA funds only.

Not looking to part out at this time.


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