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Arcam A19 and Cambridge Audio 650A / 650C

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I have for sale...

1. Arcam A19 £350

Integrated amplifier. Gets favourable reviews. Notable for its phono stage and head phone output.

I bought it on here in 2014 as the second owner. Full paper trail. Hasn't seen major use. Excellent condition / working order. Boxed with all bits. £350.

2. Cambridge Audio 650A and 650C £250

Integrated amplifier and matching CD player. Good used condition. Owned from new. Not boxed. Two remote controls (identical). One remote used. The other as new.

Very good entry level; respectable second or main system. I had good results with Dynaudio 2/6 and Rega RS3. Also tried with Monitor Audio RX6 with surprisingly good results. Wanted to try with Wharfedale 9.1 or 10.1 or B&Ws 685 but never had the chance.

This system has punch, scale and detail. Good with movies in stereo too. Decent build quality. Smart looking / intuitive remote.

This being my first separates did not occur to keep packaging! I do however have the blue cloth blanket type envelope things these two came wrapped in.

Will consider sensible offers.

Welcome to inspect and demo.

Price and currency: £350 for Arcam A19 | £250 for Cambridge combo

Delivery: Goods must be exchanged in person

Payment method: cash on collection

Location: Brighton

Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere

Prefer goods collected?: I prefer the goods to be collected


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