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AF540FGZ (1st Gen) PARTS, Hot shoe Adapter F and Cable, Tamron Front/Rear lens Caps

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Through several interesting purchases and repairs, I have been left with a plethora of parts for an AF540FGZ generation 1 flash as well as some miscellaneous items . You can seen what is available in the photo below. The pricing for the components is listed below. Reasonable offers considered. All prices in USD per piece.

Flash Foot : $30.00

Battery door : $15.00

Upper Top cover w/Catch panel and wide angle panel : $20.00

Upper Bottom cover w/o zoom motor assembly : $10.00

Upper bottom Cover W/ zoom motor assembly and Bulb: $25.00

(Please note the control board wired to the bulb in the picture is burnt up which is why it was replaced and should be considered non functional everything else including the bulb is good.)

Fresnel lens : $5.00

Zoom Motor w/Control Board and Capacitor: $20.00

LCD Control Panel and cover : $30.00

Battery Box with Power supply board: $20.00

Rubber end covers : $5.00 per set of 2.

Pedestal: $10.00

Cloth Flash Bag: $10.00

Hot shoe adapter F Part number 31022 and cable: $25.00

Tamron 67mm front lens cap: $6.50

Tamron Rear lens cap: $7.50

Please be aware that replacing pretty much anything other than the flash foot is considered to be hazardous due to the capacitor within the flash. You will need to bleed the capacitor to replace any other parts. Further, some soldering skills will be needed to replace some of the other parts (bulb, LCD display etc...). If you are uncomfortable with this, or have never soldered before, please consider having your flash professionally serviced to avoid any injury to your person. I am in no way responsible for any injury you may incur while servicing your OWN flash

All parts are considered as-is and non-returnable.

Please ensure that A. The part will fit your unit and B. The part will fix your issue. If the part does not fix the issue you can not return it. Please be aware of that prior to purchasing.

I have more pictures of the items if you would like to see them please PM me. I may have other parts available too if you need them please ask.

Buyer to pay actual shipping cost. Shipping to the Continental US, Canada only. I typically use USPS. If you have a preference other that USPS please let me knocontact

Please PM me with you address to get a final cost for the items you are interested in. I am happy to combine shipping on any of the items purchased.

Paypal fees are included in the price.

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