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K-3II with DA 16-85mm; FA* 24mm; Sigma 30mm EX DC; O-FC1 Flucard; Kooka Ext. Tube

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Item for Sale

K-3II with DA 16-85mm; FA* 24mm; Sigma 30mm EX DC; O-FC1 Flucard; Kooka Ext. Tube

Asking Price

1,450.00 AUD

Item Location

Brisbane (Australia)

Item Description

All prices are in Australian dollars. Shipping via AusPost is extra (you choose what you want, basic parcel post, express, insurance, etc). Happy for anyone in the Brisbane area to inspect or purchase in person. For now I am sticking to interested Australian buyers as shipping outside of this country is excessively expensive.

I have recently upsized my camera (to a K-1), and now I need to downsize the contents of my camera cupboard (and help fund further LBA), so I am selling off some of my APS-C gear.

Pentax K-3II and DA 16-85mm - AU$1450

These two came as a pair, and my minor OCD streak likes that they fit neatly in the one box, so I am selling them as a pair.

K-3II has a shutter count of 18,427.

Bought them together in December 2015 (locally from Digidirect). Both camera and lens are in great condition, both are clean, lens zooms and focuses smoothly as it should, everything on the camera works, rear screen and top LCD have had screen protection since I bought it. Only things to report are that the lens hood has some minor marks (from where I have placed the lens and camera down), the chrome on the strap hangers has been worn by my neck strap exposing the steel and resulting in some minor corrosion (the lugs on the body itself are fine though) and there is some minor dust/dirt on the focus screen.

Never had any problems with the camera, takes great pictures. Lens is a beauty, only reason I am wanting to part with it is it is definitely an APS-C lens. Pictures are sharp, colours are gorgeous, AF is smooth and silent, no optical issues to speak of (my first example showed some decentering, this one replaced that unit). I now have a DFA 28-105mm for my K-1, so this lens, and the camera in spent much of its life attached to, need to find a new home with someone who will put them to good use.

FA* 24mm f2.0 - AU$550

This lens does not include a lens hood. I'm also not the original owner.

I took a recent trip to South Korea, and while in Seoul I found a FA* 24mm lens hood for sale. Sadly the seller insisted that I must also buy the lens it was attached to, so now I have a spare. As nice as this lens is, I don't really need two of them.

I consider this lens to be the overweight brother of the three FA Limiteds (same height as the FA 31mm, but more rotund). Wide open it renders like the Jun Hirakawa Limiteds (ie. excellent colours, pleasing bokeh, loads of character and pixie dust) - which makes sense, he designed this lens too. Stopped down it gets sharp, sharper and then ridiculously sharp. It even makes decent starbursts. Obviously it covers a full 35mm sensor, but it is quite nice on APS-C as well.

Physically in good shape, built like a tank and largely metal. There is a mark on the plastic beauty ring around the front element (glass is fine, mark is well away from it anyway) and a barely perceptible scuff on the silver barrel. I don't know how these silver FA* got a reputation for being easily marked, I think you'd need to be really rough to damage the thing.

Getting a lens hood on its own is hard, so the price is lower for this being an 'incomplete' unit.

Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC EX - AU$250

Lens includes Sigma caps, pouch/bag and original box. I am not the original owner of this either.

My APS-C light bucket. Gives a normal FOV and is 45mm in full frame equivalence. Has a pleasing rendering, especially for subject isolation, bokeh is nice, colours are punchy and has a very strong '3D' effect. Apart from only covering an APS-C sensor, I also have a FA 50mm f1.4, so my full frame light bucket requirements are already met.

The Sigma 'Zen' finish (or what ever they call it) is not known for its durability, and this lens does show its age somewhat with a number of scuffs. This doesn't affect its performance or IQ, but it isn't mint either.

O-FC1 Flucard - AU$70

(but if you buy the K-3II, you can have it for $50)

Comes in original box.

Not much to say except it works. I used it basically to allow remote control with my tablet/phone and the rare occasion I transferred a JPG for uploading on the internet while traveling. The K-1 has wifi built in, so this is little more than a 16gb SD card to me now, which is a waste. Instead someone else should have it to use it as it should be used.

Kooka AF Extension Tube - AU$20

Comes with original box and 'wetsuit material' pouch.

If you want an extension tube that supports AF, this is basically your only option. Also has all 7 pins for aperture and data communications. Downside is it is clearly a Chinese rip off of someone's better design (Tamron's I suspect).

Known to be difficult to mount, I found the culprit to be the aperture receiver arm - so I removed it (and no Pentax DSLR has it anyway, so it was a complete waste being there). Now it mates fine, though it still has the build and feel of a cheap chinese knock off. Second problem, turns out, is it vignettes on a full frame sensor, so now it needs to find a new home. Good way to get some extra magnification on your macro work.

Are you the original owner of the item being sold?


Are you selling or trading this item?


Item Condition (Used Excellent Shipping Destinations Australia Only Shipping Charge Varies Shipping Services AusPost Accepted Payment Types PayPal Other (Elaborate) Return Policy & Additional Details Returns accepted if item arrives in other than described condition. Return postage at buyers expense. Please send me a

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