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2012 Yamaha Gen2 FZ1 For Sale Very Low Milage

Bikes/Parts for sale -
Here is my 2012 FZ1000 Gen 2 for sale.

I bought this bike brand new from a dealer in April 2013.

I didn't have much time to ride it then,and now after my first baby arrived,it is even less likely to have time for riding.Having said that, i got to say i love this bike.It is my favorite bike of all that i have owned over the years and I really hate to have to sell it,but it deserves a good owner that will continue to take a good care of it and actually have time to enjoy riding it. Ok here is some more info about the bike.

I like to change my oil every season,so the bike has 3 oil changes so far even though it has only 4065mi on it (Btw millage might change if i find some time to take it out for a spin one of these days).The first oil change was with Yamalube and now a have Motul Oil in it.The bike still have good brakes and the tires have enough tread on them to get you thru the season if not more.(depends on how you ride and how much).The bike has never been abused in any way.I have done one track day (not racing!) with it and it performed flawlessly. I let a friend of mine to take it for a spin and he managed to drop it. Thankfully it was on a grass with very low speed while turning around,so there was no damage. I never had any issues with this bike. Have some upgrades on the bike that i will list below.I also converted it to look like the FZ1N

The upgrades:

>Carbon Fiber Belly Pan ( Made in Italy)

>CNC Aluminum Black Adjustable Levers (Brake and Clutch)

>Two Brothers Black Series Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe

>Integrated LED Stop/Turn signal light.

>Single FZ1N Headlight with all the needed hardware original from Yamaha.

>LED headlamp

>Handlebar end mirrors

>Shorai Lithium Battery

>Slider protectors (for the engine and both axels)

>Rear fender eliminator with LED strip light for the license plate.

>LED Turn Signals

>Waterproof 2 USB charger cable installed.

In this deal are also included all the original parts that i have removed from this bike,as fallows:

>Original Exhaust Can with the Exup system and servo cables.(all these are in brand new condition with a few scuffles on the Exhaust pipe,from storage and handling)

>The catalytic converter - still intact.

>Rear Fender

>Original Brake and Clutch Levers

>Original Stop light

>Original turn signals ( although i have to find those in my storage)

>The original Center stand with spring (I removed it ones i never put it back,.I use only my side stand and my Pitbull rear stand, when I do maintenance on the bike)

>The original dual headlight assembly

>Headlight assembly stay

>Original Upper Fairing

>Original Mirrors.

I am asking $7000.

I have also a ton of extra gear for sale,that you might be interested in,but i will list those separate because they are too many to list here.

The saddle bags and the extra rear seat with GIVI top box installed on it, that you gonna see on the pictures are also for sale.If you are interested drop me a line and i will give a price.

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