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2001 Camaro SS Big Turbo 408 1000+ HP

Vehicle Classifieds - LS1TECH -
Year: 2001

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Camaro

Price: $32000

Mileage: 134860

Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing

Location (State): NC

Color: Black

Transmission: Automatic

Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive

2001 Camaro SS, originally LS1/Auto car Located in Hampstead, NC

3rd owner, owned since 2007 and 105,000 miles

Body has 134,860 miles on it, Engine/Trans and turbo have 875 miles and 4 passes on it, suspension/rear/tires have ZERO miles on it but may go up 50-100 miles before sale.

Short run down:

- fully built 408ci engine

- Garrett GT55 94mm turbo built by Forced Inductions and custom A/A turbo kit built with Turbosmart control components and full exhaust

- FTI level 5 TH400 with promod converter

- Strange S60 shortened 3" per side

- Viking DA coilovers with high force rear shocks

- Midwest Watts Link (replaces Panhard bar)

- Racestar 17"/15"wheels with 26x6" Mickey Sportsman radial fronts and 315/60 R15 Mickey ET Radial Pros rear

- Wolfe 8 point roll bar

- Wolfe minitub

- Kirkey seats

- Tons more

Engine was built to handle all of the turbo's 1,750 HP capability. Fuel system (non-e85 fuel volume), Transmission, and Rear axle were all built to handle 2,000 HP.

Has only been to the track once since build for shakedown passes. Ran a best of 6.0@ 123 MPH in the 1/8 and 9.26@ 152.6 MPH in the 1/4 with a 1.6 second 60 foot due to the tune making no boost on the transbrake and running a bit rich the whole pass. This was on 15 psi with 15 degrees of timing and 93 octane.

No dyno numbers yet but have an appointment for August 8th to straighten out WOT rich condition. Will update with numbers then. Also have complete list of parts and work done, more pictures, and videos. Just email me and ask for them.

You will also get the complete wiper assembly which I had not yet modified and re-installed on the car, any extra/spare parts and piping I have for the car as well as maintenance fluids/filters, and tools specific to the car.

If I get full asking price for the car I will also throw in the complete LQ4 spare engine I have for it as a backup.

Asking $32,000 for all of it. Anyone who has looked at a car this caliber before knows you can't build it for almost double the price.

Feel free to PM me, email: function(){for(t=document.getElementsByTagName('script'),e=t.length;e--;)if(t[e.getAttribute('data-cfhash'))return t[e]}();if(t&&(c=t.previousSibling)){p=t.parentNode;if(a=c.getAttribute('data-cfemail')){for(e='',r='0x'+a.substr(0,2)|0,n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)e+='%'+('0'+('0x'+a.substr(n,2)^r).toString(16)).slice(-2);p.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(decodeURIComponent(e)),c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/* ]]> */], or call/text: 910-616-2875.

and walk around video and walk around video of the shakedown passes of the shakedown passes

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