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1980 Beech Sundowner

The Classifieds | Pilots of America -
FOR SALE - $65,000.00

I have extensive documentation on 08Romeo. She is a sound flying machine that has been very easy on maintenance.

1980 Beech Sundowner

IFR Certified (11/2017)

O-360-A4K 815 SFREM, Prop 815 , 4476 A-TT (as of 4/23/2018)

2004 Paint White/Red Accents 8/10

2004 Gray leather Interior 8/10

59 Gal fuel capacity (57 useable)

Complete Logs

Black duct has been removed and replaced


PMA 7000M BT Audio Panel

Garmin 530W GPS WAAS

Collins 251/351 Com/Nav

Garmin 327 transponder

Garmin 496 (Panel mounted cross fed from 530W)

Dual Glideslope

Century 1 Autopilot (wing leveler)

Garmin GDL88 ADS-B

Flight Stream 210


Precise Standby Vacuum

JPI EDM 700 engine Monitor

Audio Input Jack for rear

Reiff Preheat Standard System oil sump and cylinder bands

Quick drain oil plug Cabin Cover

Thermal shield window inserts

Cowl plugs and tail cone cover

LED nav lights and landing light

Rosen visors

Batteryminder 24041-AA-S2


Nose wheel and Trailing Link Donuts (2006)*

Main gear jo bolts replaced 11/2009

Teledyne Mattituck oil filter adapter added 6/2010

Trans-Cal 'Nano' Blind encoder 7/2010

Mic/PTT Cables replaced 7/2011

Two (2) Concord RG-25XC Batteries 11/2014

Baggage door seal replaced 11/2012

Landing gear knee pins (3) replaced 11/2012

Alcor bayonet engine probes replaced 11/2012

Engine baffles replaced 11/2012

Cabin door seals replaced 11/2013

Headliner replaced, Top Stitch Aviation 4/2013

Whelen Strobe power supply (HDACF) 11/2016

All AD's are compliant. Adlog (2008-present)available for review along with all log books.

Compressions: 1-75/80, 2-77/80, 3-78/80, 4-79/80 (11/2017)

Annual due: 11/2018

IFR Cert due: 11/2019

Useful weight: 820lbs

Additional Parts

Collins 251 Com

Collins 351 Nav

Landing light lense

Aileron Bushings

Stabilator rubber trim

Main Gear donuts (two sets)

Panel with old audio and transponder

Avionics stack


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