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1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

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I have for sale my 1979 Yamaha XS1100SF (XS1100 Special). Currently the bike is styled as a mix between a Cafe and tracker, that being said it is very easy to go any direction you choose with the versatile styling of the tail. The seating position is aggressive, but comfortable. Although I have not been able to ride it much since I purchased it, the bike runs extremely well and the carbs are dialed for the Mac 4-2 exhaust and pod filters. It does have some modifications which I'll list below, and recent maintenance items which I'll also list. Overall this bike is gorgeous, it has a relatively new paint job which is a deep black metallic, and has ghosted Yamaha strips down the side and throughout the tail. Although it is difficult to tell in pictures, the metal flake pops in the sun and the stripes really come out under light! It has fairly low original mileage, approximately 11,400, although the original gauges are no longer on it so it does not display the original mileage. This is a 70's muscle bike in it's truest form; it's aggressive, loud, and quick.

- Fiberglass tail section with LED tail light, easily removable for access to wiring and battery

- Mac 4 into 2 exhaust with baffled turn out tips

- Black metallic paint job, professionally done

- Carbs were rejetted for pod filters and velocity stacks (aluminum stacks are included with the sale), carbs were also cleaned recently for the upcoming season

- Integrated LED tail light on tail section, illuminates the plate nicely and is bright

- Clip on bars, included are super moto tracker style bars

- Air adjustable front forks, currently riding at 10psi for a stiffer ride. Forks seals and fluid were changed and they hold pressure well.

- Acewell all in one digital gauge

- 2 new Yamaha petcocks as the originals were leaking

- New fuel lines/filters

- New carb boots

-Polished headlight bucket

- Progressive suspension

- New Shinko HD tires front and rear

- Relatively new clutch, inspected and adjusted for the upcoming season and feels great.

-Fresh oil change and new filter, brake fluid flushed.

-Wheels powercoated black with polished lips

-New, updated waterproof fuse box

I'm certain there is more to the bike that I'm forgetting to list. Some odds and ends will also be included in the sale such as a shop manual and parts. She fires right up and runs well, extremely forgiving for an 1100. Post below with any questions! The bike is located in Northern NJ. I'll link my craigslist ad below which contains the same info, but has more pictures and further contact info.

Thank you for looking!

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