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1976 911 Turbo (930) # 34 of 500

Porsche Cars For Sale - Pelican Parts Technical BBS -
Located: Indiana

I am the middle man supporting the sale of this rare Turbo. All pictures and general details can be filtered through me. All maintenance and engine work done needs to with Bob Farmer. FARMERS AUTOMOTIVE - Greenfield Indiana Porsche repair shop, see my signature below for 1800 #

Vin # 9306800034 - US CAR (680) , Serial # 34 of 500

Color - Silver (OS) & Red (IS) - "looks to be lobster or can can red" - will investigate

Odometer: 115,051

*50k miles on correct 3.0 engine

*65k miles on rebuilt 3.3 engine

Today, The Turbo has a 3.3 liter Performance engine rated with 400 HP - "3.0 heads were flow benched with Carrera Cams".

Upgraded clutch to support extra ponies

Upgraded stainless steel exhaust

Upgraded suspension to correct the early issues with Turbo

Upgraded brakes and 16" wheels - to allow for performance tires.

*note, the original 15" wheels were not kept. Bob Farmer does have a set available for a possible separate sale.

All original matching parts were kept to return this car back to its original condition.

*Engine block



Condition of car:

Exterior - will need some minor body work and full paint job. " clean chassis, no rust issues " "sunroof car"

Interior - dash is warped, carpet needs replaced and seats need re skinned.

All of these issues can resolved for a very reasonable price locally here in Indiana. (Engine return, paint and upholstery repair)

3.3 Engine , drive trane - all in very good shape. Today, car can be taken to the track with no issues. Drive it home with no concerns.

No electrical gremlins -

Aftermarket AC installed - installed at dealer

Asking Price: $250k - PPI is welcomed

Pictures to follow - next page

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