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1975 914/6 Track Car

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Year: 1975

Make: Porsche

Model: 0

Cont. Porsche Models: 914-6

Mileage (numbers only please): 38000

Color: White

VIN: 4752904990

Price (no $ sign please): $32500

Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing

Location (Region): NorthEast

Body Style: Targa

Transmission Type: Manual - 5 speed

2 or 4 Wheel Drive?: 2 Wheel Drive

Engine Type: Carbs

Stereo System: None

1975 914 6 conversion

I am helping my brother sell his 914 track car. A new marriage, new home and new job have left him little time to enjoy this great car.

We can trace the cars history back to the mid 1980's when a doctor in Ohio started the build with a 38,000 mile donor car. He did a major conversion to the car and went to the track with it doing mostly de's with it. We have over 250 photos of the transformation and over $100,000 in receipts.

After a few years, the car was sold to Art Woodworth in FL and Art co drove the car with Dave Panaccione for several years under the Specialty Imports banner. They ran mostly with HSR, some highlights were winning the night race in 1991 at Sebring and a class win at the 1993 America's 914 Challenge race at Rooebling Road. They had great success with the car. The car was powered then with a 2.8, twin plug engine. After a few years with the car, Art sold the car to Gary Gandy of Parish Heacock insurance. The car now had a 2.6 liter 6 cylinder in it. Gary used the car as a sales backdrop for their STP (Storage, Transport and Paddock) insurance at racetracks across the US. Gary joked that the car had over 100,000 trailer miles on it but he only used the car on the track a few times during his ownership.

My brother purchased the car in 2012 from Gary and sent it to Automobile Assocates of Canton in CT to recommission it for track use. They replaced all of the brake systems, rebuilt the carbs, redid the suspension etc (a $7500 service). At that time, new seats (Kirkey full containment seat for the driver and an Intermediate Road Race seat for the passenger). A new shifter and all of the bushings in the linkages were renewed. New Minilite wheels were bought and the 8" Fuchs from the rear of the car were refinished and moved to the front. Later that summer, a custom, noise compliant muffler was fabricated for Lime Rock sound restrictions.

My brother used the car for de's for the next few years and life bought up with him. He is reluctantly selling the car.

The details:


38,000 mile donor car

Fully seam welded

Full cage with door bars and suspension pickups

Full chassis reinforcements

Steel factory 914Gt front flares

AIR 914/6 GTU 11" rear fiberglass flares

IMSA front bumper with brake ducting, oil cooler and lamps

Fiberglass rear bumper

Steel front hood and fiberglass GT Racing rear lid

Lightened steel doors

Lexan rear window and new glass front windshield

Full fire system

Custom wire harness


Coilovers at all four corners

Adjustable spring precise

275# front springs, 250# rears

22mm front sway bar and 19mm rear bar

Fully corner balanced


22 gallon Fuel Safe cell

Holley fuel pump

4 gallon Patterson oil tank

Braided stainless oil lines

Weber 40's, rebuilt


8' front Fuchs with 225/50R15 Hoosiers

9" Minilites with 245/50R15 Hoosiers


2.6 liter

S cams

7R case

92mm pistons

Solid tensioners

Lightened flywheel


Fresh syncros and bearings

904 mainshaft

Quaife limited slip

Modified SC axles

JWest Rennshift shifter

All new bushings on linkages


911 Carrera front rotors and calipers

911SC rear rotors and calipers

New Tilton master cylinders (two) and balance bar


All new lines and hoses


Kirkey 45 Full containment drivers seat

Kirkey Intermediate Road Race passenger seat


Ceramic coated headers


Custom Lime Rock compliant muffler

Asking $32,500. Car is located in Manchester, VT.

Here is an album of pictures (if you click on the picture it will open an album with more pictures and more videos)

Slideshows (Photostreams)

A few videos:





A video of the 25th anniversary of the 914 race at Savannah with the car :



The car has been super reliable and is ready to go with some new tires and a brake flush.

Please feel free to contact me for any other info.

Thanks for reading this far.

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