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1974 914 2.0 numbers matching- original paint - California car

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For Sale: 1974 Porsche 914 2.0

Very original the saying goes, "they're only original once".

The Good:

- Matching Numbers car with desirable GA 2.0 (GA009235).

- Verified as the original motor by Porsche.

- California car with blue license plates.

- Extremely solid car (see photos)...just very minimal rust in rear trunk...(see pics)

- Original paint (paint is faded, scratched, nicked, etc... but it's original paint.)

- Glass appears to be original. All windows (except rear window) have original VW markings.(see photos)

- Looks to have original speaker boxes in footwells...but no stereo.

- Fuel lines under the car replaced with metal lines.

- New fuel pump.

- Brand new 205 tires

- Alloy wheels.

- Original spare wheel with original mounted spare tire.

- Runs good...pulls strong.

The not as good:

- There is no key for the doors. Just an ignition key, and a blank key that needs to be cut for the doors.

- Rear shocks are leaking. Assume the car needs rear shocks.

- AC car: plumbing and condenser in place, but no compressor.

- Dash is cracked.

- Fuel injection has been removed in favor of weber carbs.

- Clock does not work...but all other gauges work.

- Battery tray and hell-hole replaced... previous owner said an old battery leaked and caused the replacement... looks good now..(see pics)

- Odometer gear was repaired, so true mileage should be considered as "unknown".

- Driver's side rear trunk hinge needs repair. It works, and trunk closes, but hinge needs repair.

- Paint is original, and has many nicks, chips, dings, splotches, fading, etc... and much of that does not capture in photos. I think having original paint is a huge plus, because you can see the car is not hiding anything, but 43 years takes a toll on the paint.

- There is minimal paper history on the car.

The Story:

I bought this car last month from (I believe), the 3rd owner. It was clear he wasn't using the car. The fuel pump was bad, the tires were 11 years old and cracked, etc...

In the past month, I have: installed new tires; installed wheel studs; buffed the paint and wheels; replaced the muffler; replaced the fuel pump; fixed odometer; installed a breather box; and tuned the car.

The car pulls good, and doesn't leak oil... the previous owner said the motor was rebuilt, but he had no documentation on that.

I have put 200+ miles on the car and it's reliable, and fun to drive. This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a real 2.0 914. I think you could enjoy this car as-is, and fiddle with it along the way, and you still won't be upside down with your money.... the GA 2.0 is the right 2.0 to get... then you add in the originality of the car, and that it's a California car...and you're in good shape for the car to appreciate while you drive it. 912 cars now in the $30k range, and 914 cars are headed up.

I was going to keep the car longer, but I have a hefty bill for a transmission on my 911, so I'm moving this car along.


Price: $16k.

Got questions or want to see specific pics... let me know. I have a lot of pics to post... but I think it's stuff you want to see.

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