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Tried asking on raptorforum and barely anyone is active on there... OK Background.. 2003 Yamaha Raptor 660R Bought this thing and it was running OK.. (was leaking oil like c...

4 days ago

Hey, Just looking for some parts more specifically +2 a arms Beadlock rims Ss rims Front bumper Riding gear size large mostly Gear bag Riding boots size 10 to 11...

5 days ago

I did do some digging before asking. So I have the choke plunger seized in its hole and even better the cable detached! Ya frickin who! Tried spraying it, beating it, heat...

8 days ago

My raptor has been blinking for air temp sensor for a while. I have swapped it twice. Nothing new. Both times i have checked with a multimeter. No contact. Is it the sensors fau...

15 days ago

Ok I'm fresh to the seat of my yfz, just picked it up Friday. Like every utility atv I've had you flip the light switch they come on. Well I flipped my switch with the yfz and n...

18 days ago

So right now on my raptor I think I have a bad stator. Wouldn't start unless I unplug the voltage regulator. So it still I plugged, battery dies quick. Wanting to replace the st...

19 days ago

It starts when the key is in the off position which will not let the fan run. Also it started to heat up really quick about 1hr into riding.. Temp light went on. What to check f...

22 days ago

Farm ATV with the sputtering above 20mph. The light indicates the differential is locked when it is not on the handle bar or in the differential case. By the way 4x4 works gre...
So with my newer raptor the first time I took it for a good ride I noticed a blinking light. Took off the hood so I don't know which one of the three. After a few minute it will...
Complete - 2001 Yamaha R1 Parts - All and Everything Running - 19k Video available Location - 54155 WI Call text 9202176530

23 days ago

Ok so i just did a fresh rebuild on my 03 banshee,it is my second time rebuilding it after never owned or rebuilt one before!the reason i had to rebuild it was becuz i suffered ...

24 days ago

So checking out my raptor I recently got. Didn't have a tail light or grab bar. Someone stood it up and broke the tail light when it was on. Looks like the plastic connectors wh...

28 days ago

PLEASE SEE MANDURAH YAMAHA FOR VIEWING, TEST RIDES AND PURCHASE, SPEAK TO JEFF (08) 9584 2411 Selling my pride and joy doesnt get used much at all and looking for something...

More than a month ago

Were does the little black hose go that comes out the oil side? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
For Sale: I also have a stock OEM cdi from a 2006 YFZ450. 06 YAMAHA YFZ450 YFZ 450 CDI BOX Ignitor / Ignition | eBay Fits 2006 - 2009 carbureted 5TG-85540-10-...
I just bought an 01 660 (720) 13:1 comp etc and I got it for $2k basicly with a fresh motor so I didn't even bother to test drive it lol, well now I have figured out that even w...
Hi, I'm looking for OEM wheels that fit a 2001 wolverine. 12x7 I believe. Let me know what you have.
Well,I've had this 2005 YFZ450 for quite some time. I finally decided it was time to upgrade so I did the usual exhaust system, K&N air filter system, rejet the carburetor. fina...
14 too lower 48. New American Star Delron A-Arm bushings. Will come with 16 total. Banshee and 660 will use 12 and Warrior will use 16.
New here and have been lurking around for a while. I need opinions. I bought it locally for $1000. Runs and rides good. Countershaft sprocket welded on and seal behind it le...
Just wondering how can u repack a stock banshee silencer or did they ever come wrapped? Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
Got the banshee about a year and a half ago with a seized engine and had it fully rebuild and every seens she was rebuilt the stator will burn out after 20/30 mins this has happ...
Looking for a good used stock muffler for 2000 wolverine 350 4x4 ? I think 1995-05 will work Thanks
So my 03 raptor 660 really hard cold start but when I get it going won't idle even with choke. Once it's warmed up it will idle good no problem. But what the problem is, is this...
alright guys i recently rebuilt my yfz for it smoking as someone used a k&n engine duster filter as i call them and the cylinder was glazed. anyways while i had it apart i put a...
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