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Hi, Haven't been on this forum for ages. Time to let go of my 94 Legend L. Had it for 10 years strong bought it in 2007. Will post pics of stuff soon. Is ...

2 days ago

Spring season brings us not only joy and sunshine, but also mud and water spills, that usually get into our cars and leave stains. This can be easily avoided with a help of cust...
No matter what season is outside, our vehicle's carpets suffer the most abuse than any other part of the car's interior. Luckily, MaxLiner has a solution for any weather and sea...

4 days ago

Vehicle Details Year : 2015 Make and Model : Honda Civic Si Exterior Color : Taffeta White Interior Color : Black/red Auto or Manual? : 6-speed Manual Odometer Read...

5 days ago

I pulled a 5MT setup out of a '92 Type I sedan at the Pick'n'Pull. The car had around 220K on it and was in really good condition considering the age (the interior was very clea...

8 days ago

If you're in the Houston area and can do this, please email me at] I have a 2004, 4 door Honda Accord EX. The trunk is stuck closed - the latch won't open. I hav...

9 days ago

I'm looking for a hood, drivers side door, and quarter panel. Needs to be shipped to me in central ohio. Preferably green, but I'll take what I can find.

12 days ago

All parts are off a 1 owner, garaged, 95 type 2 coupe We'll consider trades if you have a passenger fender, hood, or bumper. Trunk Spoiler - $75 + shipping Great condit...

14 days ago

I am trying to see if there is any interest in a set of JDM KA8 headlights with 3" E55 Hella bixenon projectors for the high low and a set of E36 Hella 2.5" projectors in the fo...

15 days ago

Since my attempts to sell the car whole have not panned out, I've decided to part this out: The 6MT and all attendant p...

16 days ago

I need 2 driver side doors (front and rear) for a Cashmere Silver Metallic colored Legend. I got 2 doors from the junk yard and the damn door color was slightly off. They are...

17 days ago

Year : 2012 Make and Model : Honda Civic SI Exterior Color : Grey Interior Color : Black Auto or Manual? : Manual Odometer Reading : 90,000 Location of Vehicle : Ed...

18 days ago

Looking for a 1pc crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer). Mine just shattered, never seen a 1pc break before.
Vehicle Details Year : 2006 Make and Model : HONDA ACCORD EXL COUPE Exterior Color : BLACK Interior Color : BLACK LEATHER Auto or Manual? : AUTO Odometer Reading : 259XXX...

19 days ago

Protect your Honda seats from the excessive wear and tear of everyday driving with a set CalTrend seat covers and save on shipping! Take part in Spring Sale from CalTrend at CAR...
Looking to do a hi-compression D16A6 build. Want a shop/person that will take care of everything, I supply parts. Such a thing still around in deadmonton?
Looking for EK Civic springs (96-00 hatch), EK sedan springs (96-00) as well as S2000 springs (any year). Let me know what you have!

20 days ago

I have an Acura-branded car cover for a G1 Legend, which I actually used on my G2 for a while. It just barely fits, but it's a bit tight since the G2 is definitely a larger car....

21 days ago

Hi all, I notice not many people use this marketplace anymore, but I thought I'd check if there are any Stromung's/Remus exhausts for sale. Looking for KA8. Many ...

22 days ago

I'm tossing around the idea of letting the Legend go, but don't really know if it'd be worth it or not. What do you all think would be reasonable? 1993 Acura Legend 201k ...

28 days ago

I deleted the previous post and reposted with some other items: * brand new Stromung B-pipe for a coupe - $175 plus shipping. It was the last one they had when I bought it...

More than a month ago

Selling the Koni struts off my RL for 350 shipped in the US. They would come with the front pinch fork for a legend and front brake line bracket already installed and sprin...
We're rebuilding yet another race car and are parting out. This is a one owner garage kept type II Acura legend coupe. At the moment, we're keeping the engine, transmiss...
Hello, Me and my fiancee are currently shopping for a subcompact. I've been lurking around this forum for quite some time now and I have learned a lot. We're considering getting...
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