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M170D, M170N DIY FPV quads

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Two compact DIY race/acro quads for sale. Both have the same size 170mm M2M, one for daytime flight, one for night flight.

I am selling them as a combo, because of the same size and similar specs.

Both have 3D printed cover, that has been redesigned 7 times until the final form, to achieve crash-proof and semi-weather-proof state.

The covers are closed and compact, so they protect all the electronics, including camera.

Only the antenna, battery and props can be damaged in a worst case scenario.

Both quads have proven themselves in the field during the tests.

These models have been designed carefully and optimized for the thrust/weight ratio as well the flight purpose.

Both quads support 4s batteries, similar size to Dinogy 1300mAh or Tattu 1300mAh.

I provide 3D model STLs if requested.

The reason for selling is that I fly rarely recently so I do not want them to stay on the shelf.

Daytime quad: weight 340g without battery

Motors: Beerotor ZoeFPV 2900kv

Esc: Beerotor BS20A Blheli_s

FC: Micro F3 w/ Betaflight

RC: Frsky full scale

cam: HS1177

vTX: Aomway 200mW (600+ measured)

Night flying quad: weight 360g without battery

Motors: Dys 1806 2300kv

Esc: Racestar 20A Blheli

FC: BLS Pico clone F3 w/ Betaflight

RC: Frsky compatible

cam: Runcam Owl

vTX: Aomway 200mW (600+ measured)

Infra: Osram LED array


M170NV with infrared illuminator (1 min 28 sec)

(from 0:40)

Park flight:

M170NV night park flight (2 min 11 sec)

Pitch dark test flight:

M170NV pitch black maiden (3 min 6 sec)

A bit more info 'bout them on this site:

The daylight quad is fast, suitable for hobby racing.

For more information, ask here:], I shall gladly answer all the questions.

!!! Important !!!

I accept only the following cryptocurrencies as a payment: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), equivalent to 400USD by the time of deposit

to my addresses.

Shipping is free, estimated time 2 weeks from Hungary, EU.

No returns accepted.

In case of serious inquiry I may split the offer (1 quad only) , ask.
Date: Jul 11, 2017   

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