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Not car Audio,RAMSA wp9220 Pro audio amplifier.

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Product Brand & Model:


Pro audio Amplifier

Condition of all items:

9/10 physical some artifisial scratches and rack rash, see pictures.

10/10 functional

Total Price: :


Shipping Terms: :

Actual UPS. Amplifier very heavy and probably will cost $40 to $50 to ship, not including proper packaging.

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Additional info:

This particular unit was installed in Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs and was barely used during that time.

It`s true 600W into 8Ohm bridget or 300x2 at 4 Ohm. Class AB goodness, overbuild as RAMSA amps are.

Cooling fan is as quiet as they go, at any volume I can`t hear it spinning.

I was planning to use it for Sub duty in my HT setup but since changed plans. Used in two local bars venues and was blown away how well it worked loaded by two JBL towers. no additional sub was needed. It stayed cool to the touch during 2 hours plus abuse.

If you want ultimate garage amplifier and have Speaker able to withstand abuse of pure Power look no more. It consume 10.7 A current at 120V.

It has balanced and unbalanced inputs.

I guarantee proper work for a year or you money back.

this one is not mine but for reference only, I might make my own video if there any interest in it.


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Date: Jan 11, 2017   

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