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Hasselblad, Zeiss - Hasselblad Zeiss Distagon T* 50mm C F4

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I am selling this lens for cheap since there is fungus on the rear element.

Detailed conditions: there is fungus on the rear glass. The front glass is clean though. Mechanically, the focus ring moves smoothly and the aperture ring also rotates without any problem. Unfortunately, I don't have a Hasselblad body to do a thorough test of all mechanical functions including the shutter.

I did test the lens on my Sony digital camera via an lens mount adapter and surprisingly, I couldn't trace the impact of the fungus on the image quality. Nevertheless, I am selling this lens as is with no guarantee whatsoever and no return. Since the fungus seems to be just on the rear element (on the interior side though), it may be possible to clean and remove the fungus with only partially dismantling the lens in the back for the service. I am not a lens repair man so I cannot be sure it would this easy. I am selling the lens simply because I have no use for it.

Asking price: $160 + shipping.

Payment method: Paypal.

Any question, welcome to ask.
Date: Mar 13, 2017    Labels: Hasselblad Zeiss