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Tokina AT-X Pro II 28-70 F2.8 (270) Lens Excellent Condition

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Tokina AT-X Pro II 28-70 F2.8 (270) Lens Excellent Conditin

Asking Price

265.00 USD

Item Location

Texas (United States)

Item Description

I may regret this, but here it goes,

The Lens is in excellent shape with no marks on the glass, no haze or fungus, and little to no dust in the lens.

The aperture is snappy and has no oil on the blades, focus and zoom rings are smooth.

The cosmetics of the lens are very good with only a few minor marks (see pictures) in the coating. However, they are not noticeable without close inspection.

This lens has great contrast, and color throughout the range, it is a little soft at F2.8 at the borders but is sharp in the center. The lens provides a nice smoothing effect for skin and creates very pleasant skin tones.

I have taken a few landscapes shots and the colors truly do "POP" and with a little PP the lens truly does shine.

There is a forum for these lenses located here AT-X PRO lens club. - Search the thread using the terms 28-70 and 270 and you can find some great sample pics.

Its a heavy lens, its all metal construction and it feels like it. If you are ever in a fight and all you have to defend yourself is this lens, there is a good chance you will win. It is that sturdy. It will probably come out unscathed, and ready to go back to work taking pictures.

I may regret selling it but, alas, I just don't use it like I thought I would and I really hate seeing it sit. It truly is a magnificent piece of glass. Whoa, gotta stop now, almost convinced myself to keep it!!!!

Oh yea, it comes with the OE hood and rear lens cap as well as an after market front pinch style cap as shown in the photos.

I am interested in trades something like a DA 70 mm Limited and a little extra from the buyer, perhaps a DA* 50-135 and me sending an agreed amount your way. Let me know what you may have thats within those guidelines.

Send me a private message if you are interested.

Leave a comment below as well to say Hi, I was here, or list your experience with this lens!

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Date: Mar 13, 2017   

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