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Tamron - Tamron SP f2,8 70-150mm Soft Focus (51A) Adaptall-2

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Item for Sale

Tamron SP f2,8 70-150mm Soft Focus (51A) Adaptall-2

Asking Price

550.00 EUR

Item Location

Bologna (Italy)

Item Description

Back to Italy for two weeks, i decided to make use of this time to sell a few duplicate lenses of my large collection (more than 280 PK, M42, T2, RMS, adapted objectives).

The first is the most prestigious.

It's the Tamron SP Adaptall-2 Soft Focus zoom:

model 51A f2,8 70-150mm

Made for just three years, is highly desired and quite rare.

It's the only soft focus zoom lens ever made.

Adjusting aperture and the SF ring (0 to 4), it is possible to get an almost infinite combination of sharpness and halation, from very soft to definitely sharp.

Not easy to master, but easier to use than most soft focus lenses. The learning process is pure fun, if you are a portrait photographer or just love this kind of lenses, you'll enjoy the optical signature from day one, and then you will slowly grow acquainted with the great potential of such an adaptable objective.

With a P-KA Adaptall-2 ring is also very ergonomical, but the price does not include the ring.

I'm not sure i'm willing to sell a P-KA ring. I want to keep those in perfect shape, and i would never sell on this forum a dubious one.

Not all P-KA rings work as they should, a couple of those in my possession are a bit funny, you have to be handy (and patient) to coax them into working properly. I don't want complaints, so i'm not selling them...

I have a few P-K without electric contacts, and a couple of M42 ones.

If need one, let me know. I'll attach it to the lens before shipping. Price depends on which adapter...

I love so much this lens that i have TWO of them.

One is in Thailand.

I thought that the one in Italy had a microscopic scratch on the front glass. After looking under a strong light i couldn't find any scratch/defect/blemish/coating problem. The glasses look new!

I guess i swapped the lenses last time i left, and the one i'm going to keep is the one with the scratch!

I need to finance a couple of future purchases, and i must sell my duplicates while i'm home... Most are identical lenses, a couple are "functional duplicates", all have to go because keeping duplicates is plain crazy!

In this specific case, well... i guess i have to accept the idea that i'm selling the spotless one, and keeping the less valuable of the two. It would make absolutely no difference in practice, but one is a collector's item and the other one is not.

I have almost 900 positive feedbacks on Ebay, i will disclose my Ebay ID as aa a proof of my honesty via PM to anybody seriously interested in the purchase of this lens, or any other i'm going to sell on this subforum

Pictures of the lens will follow

I have one week to ship the parcels, after i will be gone for a few months.

What doesn't get sold will go on Ebay at my return

15 euros for shipment to the EU, a little less to Italy, a little more outside the Euro zone, much more to other continents

I can't accept returns cause i will not be home for a while... unless there is a major problem i'm not aware of

Vintage lenses are not new, there is always a little dust. If you use the lenses to shine a torch through them, and not to take actual pictures, please refrain from buying.

All the lenses i'm selling are in a state that would leave me more than satisfied, if i had bought them now.

If not, i would never sell them to another pentaxian, and probably i would refrain from selling them anywhere else; they would go into one of the many boxes i have at home, with labels like "beyond repair", "for spares", etc etc

Payments from outside the EU must be made with PayPal.

Within the EU a bank money transfer (using my IBAN) is accepted.

Italians can also use PostePay



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Return Policy & Additional Details

I accept returns only if the item has a defect/problem i was unaware of, unless stated otherwise in the text of the message

Please send me a private message if interested in the item!

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Particular of the soft ring:
Date: Mar 9, 2017    Labels: Tamron

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